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Novigo Solutions Assists Fortune 500 Product Companies Reduce Dependency, Improve Collaboration And Create A Scalable Model Line Leading To Operational Excellence


First Tech Federal Credit Union Steps Up In Technology, Engages Members Using Novigo’s Innovative Solutions.


Our core management team comprises of consummate IT professionals with global work exposure. The team commands talent backed by combined experience of over 60 years


Novigo Solutions Assists Fortune 500 Product Companies Reduce Costs And Scale Up To Meet Growing Business Demands


Novigo Solutions Helps to Obtain Measurable Performance For Programs Costing Millions Conducted By Qatari Diar Vinci Construction(QDVC)

Novigo Solutions designed, developed and implemented a Workflow Automation Framework on SharePoint that helped the client control internal business operations and automate various processes saving time, money and leading to efficient management of resources.

Novigo’s unique workflow automation framework brings together all important parts of the workflow including events, tasks, approvals, notifications into a single, powerful automation unit. This unit drives speed, improves collaboration and enhances coordination to the work processes in the organization. Tasks and calendars are made visible to all users within one intuitive window enabling workloads to be shared and efficiently managed. Our framework allows you to import data from any database and define workflows on top of it using easy to use User Interface. On workflow completion the status of the item can be updated back to the original data source.

Value Additions

Task Management

Significant improvement in task management through interlinking of priorities and timelines across the organization

Clear Visibility

Management Executives can quickly see status of a process, identify roadblocks and adopt the necessary measures to rectify them

Task and Approval Creation

Novigo’s unique workflow automation service provides assignment of tasks and requests for approvals based on any parameters

Instant Control and Agility

Control the way things work in your organization, change workflows to enhance efficiency and improve transparency within minutes

Completely Customizable

One-size-fits-all is not the right strategy in today’s age. Novigo understands that every organization works differently and builds solutions accordingly

Fully Secure

Based on the nature of the workflow, Novigo provides multiple levels of security and user authentication for the protection of your organization’s assets

Novigo Solutions implemented a web content management system leading to greater efficiency in day-to-day operations, enriching customer experience and stronger sales/marketing activities for First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Customer experience is one of the most crucial metrics that determines the success of an organization. It is important to constantly remind yourself that your competitors are just a click away. In today’s world, merely satisfying your customers is not enough to earn their loyalty. Your customers need to experience service that compels them to provide repeat businesses.

Novigo Solutions prides itself over understanding the factors that drive customer evolution. Our industry experts work together with our technical specialists to plan, deliver and execute solutions that bring out positive changes in short spans of time. We provide end-to-end innovative solutions which when implemented improve workforce collaboration; increases brand recognition and enrich customer experience.

Value Additions

  • Increased Online Collaboration and bridged the gap between Product, IT, Marketing and Sales departments leading to faster Time- To-Market of products, decreased disruption and cost/risk mitigation
  • Improved website functions and designs with responsive templates, user-friendly product navigation and branch locator module leading to increased visitor engagement and retention
  • Boosted unique website hits to quarter of a million, well ahead of its competitors and bringing it into the top 5 in California
  • Implemented business analytics internally and integrated with the marketing automation system built on Salesforce greatly improving the sales/marketing operations
  • Implementation of knowledge base and credit card calculator modules greatly boosting the value proposition of the products also helping in the retention and subsequent conversion of website/campus visitors
  • Implemented "Advanced location search" Module that helped website visitors to accurately pinpoint the nearest ATM, branches and service centers relative to their current location. It also depicts nature, services offered at the particular branch and timings of operation
  • Mitigated the costs of creating, managing and storing information by integration of content management system with Salesforce Cloud storage which also provided for a centralized storage supporting First Tech’s 380,000+ members
  • Aligned our technology solutions with the business strategy at First Tech Federal Credit Union
  • Increased user adaptability

Journey Management is a process of planning and managing the journeys and tracking the resources used. This can be best achieved using Safe Journey Management System. A successful real time Journey Management system, designed and developed focusing the features that are required by the front office management to plan and execute a journey in a well organized, effecient and cost effective mechanism, to evaluate KPI’s and Targets.


Intelligent Planning & Tracking

SJMS provides a complete online journey planning module to choose the best logistics for the start and destination information provided by automatically calculating all the factors based on the vehicle chosen and driver’s driving speed


SJMS has features to configure most of the dependent or independent variants on the organization’s perspective. It includes configuring the resources and also has a data repository for all training materials and checklist forms


SJMS is a customizable product having multilingual options, user management module, custom reports and various other options which makes it one of a kind


SJMS has a rich landing page after the user login, displaying an overall summary of all the activities along with the current activities that can be attended all in one screen by users

Analysis & Reports

SJMS extends advanced tools to analyze, implement and evaluate KPI’s and Targets. It has a report building tool to design custom reports and generate report based on time and constraints

Alerts & Notifications

The system has automatic notification dispatching module that alerts the Managers, Drivers and other Employees on activities such as safety lapse, Inspection failures and overdue, Accidents, approaching license expiry and approaching consignment dates


  • Multilingual options
  • Mobile device based access
  • Customizable multilingual option with Arabic & English language as default
  • Safety Measures
  • Improved compliace with company & road safety guidelines, Effective planning, execution & tracking
  • Helps in managing better and provides accountability of personnel involved in each transport mission
  • Customizable & easy
  • Reliable, dynamic and an easy-to-use solution. It has on premises & cloud based deployment option
  • Advanced integrated features
  • Google map integrated with GPS to show real time cab movement

Novigo Solutions Re-engineered a 30-year-old ERP Application from Microsoft Silverlight and PRO-IV to .NET 4 and MVC 3.0 Environment with completely responsive User Interface design. During the process, we brought about significant decrease in costs, increased ability to meet today’s compliance needs, eliminated the need for legacy skills and created tons of other benefits to the end users. Legacy Modernization in simple words would be to convert or re-write a legacy system in modern programming languages to meet technology and business scenarios. This is a much-needed service for all legacy systems and helps in reducing costs by optimizing business processes, automating manual processes and enhancing functionalities and compliance.

Novigo’s legacy modernization services guarantees ease of application maintenance. We assure porting of your legacy systems to newer technologies without disrupting existing business processes. 75% of enterprise IT budget is expended on ongoing operations and maintenance, leaving just 25% for new investments. We help diminish the 75% costs leaving more scope for newer investments.

Value Additions

  • All 7 million lines of legacy code were optimized and ported to the latest Microsoft technology spectrum i.e., .NET 4.5 environment and MVC 3.0 architecture
  • Elimination of redundant code greatly enhanced the speed and agility in functioning of the product
  • Added functionalities like responsive designs, social sharing and mobile apps integration were now made available
  • The product was now made to be portable and used across all surfaces and platforms like PC, laptops, tabs and mobile devices, improving user adoption greatly
  • The product was converted to a web-based application with multi tenant architecture, which eliminated the need to install on every machine. It is also now very easy to upgrade and/or install patches/updates
  • Code of Microsoft latest technology spectrum made it possible to scale up the products to meet markets growing demands for more functionality
  • Enhanced look and feel of the product leading to much improved, intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Significantly reduced the overhead expenses of maintaining a legacy system
  • Improved the market competitiveness of our client by 60% over a period of 2 years. The product was now made to be portable and used across all surfaces and platforms like PC, laptops, tabs and mobile devices, improving user adoption greatly

Novigo Solutions designed, developed and implemented an end-to-end training management system on Microsoft SharePoint that is capable of providing valuable insight into millions spent on corporate training budgets. These efforts were essential in guiding QDVC towards operational excellence.

Managing the employee training programs can be a struggle especially when dealing with large number of employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers. Keeping track of increasing number of training courses, certifications, dates and durations, managing these trainings is no more feasible using excel sheets simple database tools.

Novigo’s service on training effectiveness adds significant value to an organization’s training programs. We bring about business transformation in the training process, facilitating for necessary automations, critical report generation and essential management of time, resources and money.

Value Additions

  • This system has different levels of access for different user roles. Training, Learning and Development teams, Management and Employees each would have different dashboards and views on their portal
  • Automated detailed information of employees, vendors, suppliers, contractors and segmentation according to work-groups, courses provided, and projects associated with and a number of other filters were available
  • It is provided for efficient management of training with functionalities including scheduling, tracking, pre-pone/postpone trainings, generating unlimited reports, apply for trainings and much more
  • Scheduling a mass training for a workgroup based on skills eficiency or based on upcoming project was now possible
  • Documents Attachement grid is now available for each section . We made it easy to keep track of documents’ expiration status. Upload/Download and auto-generation of ID Cards, Attendance Sheets, Reports, Graphs and Certificates was facilitated
  • SharePoint’s workflow engine is leveraged for gaining approvals. Employees can opt-in to go for specific trainings and generate a workflow task that can be customized as per business needs. Notifications are sent to the approver. This also has the option to send reminders at specified intervals
  • The system has an intuitive and user-friendly interface which made it easy for employees to adopt the system, update their records and unlock the full potential of the system. The system also leveraged SharePoint’s multi-lingual capabilities to render the site in Arabic and English
  • Real time comprehensive management dashboard displays results and scorecards within one easy view. It also displays upcoming courses, upcoming expiries, budget allocations and more
  • The system works on both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 and in all 3 versions of SharePoint – Foundation, Standard and Enterprise. This reduces the cost of implementation of the training management system
  • Detailed configurable reporting in employees, courses, suppliers, contractors, spends and more contributed greatly to measurable performance

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