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SharePoint Content Management

Novigo prides over providing superior consulting to help our clients to Migrate their older SharePoint systems to SharePoint 2016, which is the latest offering from Microsoft.

Novigo helps enterprises via SharePoint content management solutions to connect with their employees, partners and customers. SharePoint Content Management provides a wide array of control in terms of content creation, publishing and managing the same.

Novigo helps integrating the SharePoint content management which provides effective tools to manage the module like Document Management, Digital Media Management, and Records Management & Web Content Management which are the elementary heart and soul of an enterprise communication.

Value Additions

Deployment of custom SharePoint solutions across different business domains

The business can deploy various modules of the business function structured around the forays of content. The content management ranges from Document management, Digital Media management, Records management and Web content management. All these cover all the major communication medium and subject of an enterprise.

User interface design, configuration and customization

UI is an integral communication tool for any enterprise. The control over the function involved in the elementary components such as design, configuration and customization make the workflow of content management easy and structured.

Support and administration

The implementation of the content is briefly structured around the modules of creation, publishing and Maintenance. SharePoint provide the control of the following to render the best and optimal Management solution which is enterprise grade.

SharePoint resource

SharePoint enables enterprises to have a structured capacity planning for optimal resource allocation and management. SharePoint provides insights in every stages of resource management life cycle so that maximum allocation can be reached without introducing risks.

SharePoint Data Migration

SharePoint offers enterprises a low cost and highly effective data migration platform. SharePoint data Migration always provides with an opportunity to restructure and provide a better discoverability to your data based size, relevance and sensitivity.

SharePoint Documentation Management

Documentation management is the lifeline of an enterprise. SharePoint document management includes the planning phase of a lifecycle of any document life cycle management process these would document management role, usage, contents, access rights, content governance and policies.

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