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SharePoint Outsourcing

Novigo prides over providing superior consulting to help our clients to Migrate their older SharePoint systems to SharePoint 2016, which is the latest offering from Microsoft.

Novigo enables enterprises to integrate business requirements into actionable business goals. The team holds an expertise in SharePoint document management, building Company’s intranets & websites, file management solutions and Social profiles.

Novigo aids the business needs of enterprises to have customizable applications which expand and grow over time. The team bags the expertise required to enable businesses to reach the pinnacle.

Novigo Solutions offers business and knowledge processing services to many of the Fortune 500 companies.

Value Additions

Cost Control

Manages the add-on cost involved, by hiring professionals at a lower cost without compromising quality.

Hybrid Deployment cloud

Help deploying the solution to all the SMAC platforms.

Mobility with security

Provides the top in class mobile view function for mobile users with high end security.

Reduction in operational dependency

The resource allocation process reduces the dependency of multiple resource sharing and pipeline the process in a single funnel manner.

Rich expertise and specialized knowledge

Outsourcing provides a selective option to assign to best knowledge pool.

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